Mirrie's Pedigree

Whelped November 15, 1994

Breeders: Vicki & Ann Curby, Kibushi Kennels

Owner: Karla Schreiber, New World Basenjis

                                                                                 Native African Dog

                                                         Native African Dog

                                                               Native African Bitch

                Avongara Diagba [native African import]

                                                                Native African Dog

                                            Native African Bitch

                                                                Native African Bitch

Ch. Kibushi Neverminds New World, J.C.

                                                                Ch. Djakomba's Spotlight

                                             Ch. Sukari Spot the Target, CD

                                                                Ch.  Pendragon's Sugarbabe of Kazor, 
                                                                         CDX,  F.Ch., TT

                 Ch. Kibushi All or Nothing

                                                                Ch. Kibushi Salutes Absinthe

                                             Ch. Kibushi Quinella of Bravos

                                                                 Bravos Sweet Gypsy Rose

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