Meet Kevlar !


[Ch. Kibushi Supernatural x Ch. Kibushi Neverminds New World, JC]

whelped 12-13-2001
Photo of Kevlar's 1st Place Brindle Class win at BCOSW, 2005

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Kevlar's Completion of his AKC Title in October, 2005 !!""

Below, you'll find

more photos of our handsome brindle boy ...


All of the Basenjis here at New World are very talented...
One of the reasons we kept Kevlar is that he can
LEVITATE !  And with a stick in his mouth, no less !
[Or is that a magik wand??!]

Kevlar demonstrates the amazing versatility 
of being brindle ! He can "hide" without
even having to go BEHIND the big Oak tree !

Here are Mama Mirrie and Kevlar (left) and Ninja & 
Dulcie (right) enjoying a nice Spring day on
"their" playset! Squirrels BEWARE!

Master Kevlar at 7.5 months.
This snap was taken in 1,000 degree heat
by our friend Wanda Pooley!  Thanks Wanda!

Kevlar taking his first major (and first points)
on August 10, 2002 !   Good Boy Kevlar!

Kevlar settles down just long
enough to take a "single" at Danville
in November, 2002 (age 11 mos.)...
He's still a "wild thing on a string"
90% of the time !

Could YOU say "No!" 
to THAT FACE ?  

Head studies at 13-14 mos.







Kevlar gets ready to mix it up with Mama Mirrie - April '03

Here's a nice  shot of one of Kevlar's two
wins at the Bloomington Cluster over
Memorial Day weekend, 2003.
Thanks to Judges Dorothy Welsh 
and Edna Martin (pictured) !


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