Kevlar's Playdate Page !

As Kevlar's brothers stop by for some fun time and
socialization, we've kept the camera at the ready...

Here are some shots of Kevlar & Obi (formerly "Nick") ...
(April, 2002)

"I DARE ya.... !"

"Crazed Obi Alert!"

"Contortionist Obi does his thing!"

Here are some snaps of Kevlar & Cosmo (fka "A.J.") ...
(May 11, 2002)

Anyone up for a game of "Brindle Twister?"

"Where in the heck did it GO ?"

A good, old-fashioned game of "tug the Elephant !"

Kevlar wins round one !

Cosmo takes a break from the "action" - but not for LONG !

Here's trouble with a capital "T" !
It's Kevlar with his brother Casey (formerly 
Howie D.).  Howie has recovered
wonderfully from a growth plate
fracture in his knee - thanks to
the dedicated care of his owner and
the great ortho vets at the Veterinary
Specialty Clinic in Buffalo Grove, IL ...

Kevlar gives Casey a brotherly "smooch !"

"Hey, that's MY puppy match ribbon !"


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