44% Native African Stock -- Grandson of Avongara Diagba

(Ch. Kibushi Supernatural x Ch. Kibushi Neverminds New World, J.C.)

Photographed at home, self-stacked, 10/15/05

KEVLAR finished his AKC Championship on October 2, 2005 at 

the Greater Freeport K.C. show.  Thank you to Judge Charles Olvis for

Kevlar's final point!  Thanks, also, to Kevlar's cheering section (you know who 

you are!) for  ongoing support....

Special thanks to Kevin & Dawn Carlson  

(Aeolus Salukis/Firebird Whippets) for handling Kevlar to give me a chance

 to see him in action - AND for helping him win his all-important second major!

We are VERY proud of our first homebred Champion. Kevlar is also 

a "first" Champion for his 1/2 native African stock dam, Mirrie, 

and his 3/8ths African sire, Shazam.


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