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Basenji-Related Sites

    Basenji Club of America

   Basenji Club of America Public Education Site (don't miss this!)

    Basenji FAQ

    Basenji Health Endowment  (formerly the Founders'
            Memorial Endowment for Basenji Health Research)

    * Network for Good (Make an on-line donation to the Basenji
             Health Endowment!)    

    Fanconi Treatment Protocol (updated March, 1999)  

    BCOA African Stock Project

     Basenji Club of Southeastern Wisconsin

    Basenji Companions (excellent articles & links!)

    Northwest Basenji Connection (many breeder homepage
              and information links)

    B.E.A.R.  -- Basenji Education And Rescue

     Basenji Club of America Rescue Contacts

Health & Breeding Related Sites

   Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

   CERF (eye certification)

   VetGen Genetic Testing

   Synbiotics [formerly ICG]

  Seager Canine Semen Bank

   International Canine Semen Bank

  Breeding, Whelping & Rearing Puppies FAQ
        Very useful article by Liza Lee Miller...

  AKC Canine Health Foundation

   Canine Genome Project

   Canine Diversity Site 
      Excellent articles on popular sire syndrome, 
      inbreeding depression, founders effect, &
       basics of canine genetics.

    Canine Coat Color Genetics
        A very good article by Sue Ann Bowling, Ph.D.
        (on the technical side, but worth the effort!).

Diet & Nutrition Related Sites
(The New World Basenjis Eat a Bones & Raw Food Diet!)

   Bones & Raw Food FAQ

  Dr. Ian Billinghurst's Website

   Raw Food Health & Nutrition

  American's Top Frisbee Dog's Diet

   Wysong Website - Learn about the science that  backs up raw feeding.  Check out Dr. Wysong's  article "Is a Raw Diet Dangerous?" -- which contains multiple references to scientific literature supporting a raw diet for dogs and cats.   Also, don't miss Dr. Wysong's  classic article "The Truth About Pet Foods" (requires Adobe Acrobate Reader).

  Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation / "Pottenger's Cats - A Study in Nutrition" - Review an article about Dr. F.M. Pottenger's 10 year study  of the health of over 900 domestic cats -- comparing those fed a raw diet to those fed a cooked diet. (A copy of Dr. Pottenger's original mongraph documenting his research is available for sale on the PPNF site).

  Article Regarding Benefits of Glucosamine!

  Another Good Glucosamine Article

  Steve's Real Dog Food (great product!)

Lure Coursing Sites

   American Sighthound Field Associaton

   Injoy Lure Machines, Pulleys, etc. (Tom Bianchi)

    "Shot On Site" Photography - Coursing Photos
            by Dan Gauss!

Sites of General Interest

   Roy Jones Dog Shows
   Onofrio Dog Shows
   MBF Dog Shows
    American Kennel Club
   Fuzzy Faces - Unique Gifts for Dog Fanciers

   CompuPed Pedigree Software (breed "starter"
            file contains over 25,000 Basenjis!)

    Kennel Aire Crates 
            (No link available, but call Kennel Aire at
              1-800-346-0134  for info on Commander
            series crates with the unique "Y" latch feature.
            To learn why we support using these crates in 
             your cars or vans, click

    Australian Native Dog Conservation Society, Ltd.
             (The A.N.D.C.S.  operates The Dingo Sanctuary
            in Bargo, NSW, Australia. Site contains 
             fascinating information about our Basenjis' Aussie

Some Basenji Folks to Meet!

Kibushi Kennels (Missouri, USA)

Voyuz Basenjis (Northern California, USA)

Rathje Basenjis (Denmark)

Karlyn Basenjis (East-Central Illinois, USA)

Claudia Nix's Webpage (Northern IL, USA)

Adventureland Basenjis (North-Central IL, USA)

Itzyu Basenjis (Virginia, USA)

Bulldobas Basenjis (Finland)

Pukkanut Basenjis (Australia)

Baru Basenjis (Washington, USA)

Brushy Run Basenjis (Arizona, USA)

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(Karla, Ninja & Aaron, Fall 2001)

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