AKC Ch. New World Wild Age

(Ch. AB Maverick of Keltwyn, F.Ch. , JC, GRC x New World Heart Like a Wheel)

Whelped 01-23-2004

Page last updated May 25, 2008

**News Flash!  

On May 24, 2008, Willow finished her

AKC title in style - taking Winner's Bitch

for a five point Major at the Basenji Club

of Cincinnati Specialty Show

under Judge Mrs. Carol Spritzer!!

Thank you to Judge Spritzer, and to my 

dear friend Annette Muenter (Sunrise Basenjis),

who expertly piloted Willow to this

memorable win !

**News Flash #2!

Her first time out as a new Champion,

Willow was BOB over three very nice specials

at the Stone City K.C. show

on June 1, 2008.  Thank you to Judge

Jim Briley for this win!

Willow attended her very first puppy Match on Sunday, June 27, 2004, at barely 5 months of age, and won her class over some very nice competition.  We were thrilled with her effort, despite the fact that the heat and bugs (and teething) caused her to  have a "bad tail day!"

Here's another shot of Willow after the Puppy Match...... Thanks to Wanda Pooley (Adventureland Basenjis) for the lovely post-match photographs.

Here's a post-teething photo (July '04) showing

off the fact that Willow's tail has returned to its

former glory, now that all those silly puppy

teeth are out of the way !

But don't think Miss Willow is all work and no play ....

She's a girl who knows how important it is

to stop and smell the roses (or at least the buds of Spring)!

And who better to learn the ropes from than

patient Uncle Kevlar.... In this shot, it appears that

Kevlar is imparting some sort of very important information...

Perhaps he is telling Willow where the best spots to DIG

in the yard are located ???

Yes, there's a New "Princess in Training" here

at New World !  Grin!

It's a "Dog Eat Dog" world - Dulcie (Willow's dam)

tries to eat Willow for an afternoon snake, but

Willow proves that SHE (and not "Goldfish")

is in fact "the snack that bites back !"

And no matter how long Willow is with us, this will always

be one of my favorite photos of her - snapped by Aaron when

she was less than 2 hours old.  I didn't know he had his 35mm

camera in the whelping room, loaded with black and white film .... but

the result is one VERY special snap shot for all involved !

Willow has been patiently waiting (in her Uncle

Kevlar's shadow) to kick off her show career... 

In her first outing of 2005, she earned her first point 

at the Parkshore, KC show.  

Thank you to Judge J. Anselm for 

this nice WB/BOW/BOS !

Yes, we'd been out in the almost unbearable

100 degree heat for several hours at this point, 

and we're ALL looking a little less than our

best -- Willow was definitely GLAD to 

get the photo shoot behind her and head back

to Illinois in the comfort of the air conditioned van !

Thanks to Judge Rita Biddle for this nice win.

What a great day Willow had at the Stone City, KC show 

on October 9, 2005!   Not only did she earn herself

two more points by going BOW/BOB, but she managed to 

pull a Group placement out of her hat, too!  Thanks to 

breed and group judge Mr. R. Berndt for making

October 9 a Sunday to remember !


Willow picked up her final single point on August 12th, 

2007 in Racine, WI [she missed showing for most of 

2006 & early 2007 while her coat recovered from a 

false pregnancy].  

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