2008 !

At last, it is Miss Willow's "turn at bat!"

Our beautiful 1/8th African girl (who finished her AKC

Championship on May 24, 2008 with a 5 point major 

at the Cincinnati Specialty under Judge Carol Spritzer! ) 

will be bred to (drum roll please....).....

AKC Ch. AB Rafiki Cool Under Fire

(aka "Jesse")

Jesse is the handsome, Fanconi "probable clear"

full litter brother of the big-winning tri special

AKC Ch. AB Rafiki The Icon of Cool - but

Jesse is a very special fellow in his own right. He

has an outstanding "wiggle your butt!" disposition,

correct size, moderate angles, a short dark coat - just

the type of fellow we've been hoping for as a

sire for Willow's first litter (and our first litter

since 2004!)....

Here are a head shot 

and movement shot 

of the proud Papa-to-Be ...

Health testing information for Jesse

may be viewed on the OFA website:


  Willow passed her CERF exam (eyes)

at the BCOA National Specialty

(no abnormalities other than minor

epithelial corneal dystrophy - lipid deposits on

lens surface).

Jesse, as mentioned, has tested

Fanconi "probable clear" via the DNA

Fanconi linkage test.  Willow has tested "probable

carrier."  To read more about breeding Fanconi

probable clears and carriers, click here:


Willow's health test results to date

can be viewed here:


**This breeding has a ten generation inbreeding coefficient 

(calculated using CompuPed) of 8%.

One of my goals in breeding is to work with coefficients 

of 10% or less.**

Red & White, and possibly tri-color

babies are expected ...  Reservations

are being taken now.  We don't breed

often, and already have three reservations

for pups from this litter (thanks to those

wonderful folks for your patience - we hope

to reward you with 15+ years of love and

companionship!)... Please direct

inquiries to newworldbasenjis@sbcglobal.net

(please note that we only place pups in the Midwest - we happily give

BCOA-member breeder referrals to would-be owners who live elsewhere).

The mama-to-be - Miss Willow !

Here is the pedigree for our

Jesse x Willow litter ...

Pedigree of:

Jesse x Willow


  Fall 2008

Am Ch
AB-Rafiki Cool Under Fire
HP192034/04 USA
B: 20 Nov 2005



Am Ch
Rafiki-Hackers Red White & Blue
HP042763/01 USA
B: 4 Dec 2002

Am Ch
Hacker-Rwanda's Night Light
HM872022/01 USA

Am Ch
Hacker's Bud Light

Am Ch
Hacker's Highlife of Rwanda

Am Ch
Rafiki's If Tomorrow Comes
HM806691/01 USA

Am Ch
Rafikis Three Ring Circus

Am Ch
Rafikis Sense And Sensibility

Am Ch
AB-SS Follow the Money
Black Tan & White
HP030683/02 USA
B: 26 Dec 2002

Am Ch
Escapade's High Five
HM333577/01 USA

Am Ch
Bojak Abbai Kifungua Mimba

Windrush Nyoya of Bojak

Am Ch
AB Princess Chinyamarindi
HM683589/02 USA

Am Ch
AB Lazer The Mischief Maker

Am Ch
Jaiye's Princess Ebony Kasai

New World Wild Age
HP083093/01 USA
B: 23 Jan 2004






Am Ch
AB Maverick of Keltwyn
Black & White
HM683589/03 USA
B: 19 Jan 1997

Am Ch
AB Lazer The Mischief Maker
HM327989/03 USA

Am Ch
Serengeti Cool Jazz of Woz

Neferu of Crosswind Rose

Am Ch
Jaiye's Princess Ebony Kasai
HM391430/01 USA

Am Ch
Idlewild Sudi Of Jerlin

Jaiye's Free Bird of Carmel

New World Heart Like A Wheel
HM736169/04 USA
B: 13 Nov 1997

Am Ch
Kibushi Anything Goes
HD681162 USA

Am Ch
Falisha's Night Odysey

Am Ch
Kibushi Quinella Of Bravos

Am Ch
Kibushi Neverminds New World
HM546564/04 USA

Avongara Diagba

Am Ch
Kibushi All or Nothing
























As of January 2, 2009, New World

Basenjis is "Where The Boys Are!"

FIVE (!) red and white boys arrived safe and

sound on 01/02/2009 between

3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. !

Unfortunately, our attempt at six week

stacked photos suffered from camera focus

problems - but scroll down below the 

5 week stacked shots to see some fun

"close-ups" plus some shots of

the boyz playing with their favorite 

"Uncle" - Kita !


I'm Darius... I'm a calm and thoughtful guy...

AND, I was the first to let out a big, fat


I'm Warren - and I'm very much into two things...

people.. and plastic!

When I trot around a room, all the

humans seem to notice....

I'm Yossarian, and I like to hang out with

my partner in crime, Warren... I'd also

like everybody to know that my ears can go up

higher than this ... when my nose isn't

covered with cream cheese!

I'm Xul... I'm a little bit plain

on my show side -- but my off-show side

is extra-fancy (and will make its

début next week, so stay tuned!)...

I'm Aleister  - and I wasn't too happy to be awakened

from a nap to pose for these pictures !  Maybe 

I'll try harder next week - if there's some hamburger

in it for me instead of this cream cheese.... 

We're ready for our close-ups,

Mr. DeMille!

Aleister was a tiny bit sleepy.... 

Xul was a tiny bit concerned...

Yossarian was a bit of a rascal !

Warren was mellow - as usual...

Darius gave us his best

"bringing sexy back" look!

The boyz love their

Uncle Kita - who knows

how to get a party STARTED !

Notice Willow - sitting demurely at

the far right - enjoying the fact that the boyz

have a baby-sitter... : )

Here at long last - our 8 week stacked pix!

All of us didn't behave, and we haven't had

as much happy legs practice as we should...

But we did our best !


Aleister ! (Not too found of this collar !)

Xul ! (What camera?  There's FOOD!)

Yossarian ! (A bit frisky, as usual !)

Warren ! (King of the Happy Legs!)

Darius ! (Not a Big Fan of the Bait !)

Watch for our 9 week pix and see if 

we've worked on our happy legs skills

(except for Warren - who can 

rest on his laurels !)


Click here to visit Willow's Page ! (more pix, etc.)