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Dulcie & Maverick's Litter

(whelped January 23, 2004)

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Hi - It's me - WILLOW, and I'm your navigator for our LAST ROUND of photos! !  

 All of us are nine weeks old now.  And there's some exciting news ... about ME!   While my

 siblings are all going off to wonderful new homes, I'm going to STAY here and be part of

 the New World household!  I was very honored to be chosen - and I'll try to live up to my


New World Wild Age !

(No, my eyes are not blue - that's just the flash... In fact, Evra, Suzi and I

 had "perfect" eye exams last week.  Raglan and Merrick just had a little PPM

strand or tag here and there - so we all did very, very well !)

Here you can see a slightly blurry picture of my

sister, Evra, mixing it up with Uncle Kevlar and 

Grandma Mirrie.  We all LOVE Uncle Kevlar and

Grandma Mirrie - and Grandma Mirrie in particular

has taught us a LOT about how to behave like

proper Basenjis !

Even though we are older now, we still have "alien" visitors 

now and then.  Here's Raglan, meeting one of them.  THIS one danced and 

SANG - which we all found really amusing (you can also see Evra's wrinkled little

forehead in the bottom of the photo)....

Little Merrick (who is now as bit as any of us)

shows off her ability to do pull-ups !

Go, Merrick, Go !

Evra (right) and Willow and Suzi (left) gang

up on one of our favorite two-legged

family members - Aaron!  He can be as

silly in front of the camera as us!

What fun ! We're playing with our Uncle Ninja ...

He's telling off Raglan, and you can see Suzi

and Evra trying hard to steal a Nylabone

from Mama Dulcie !

Aaron and "his favorite girl" - Merrick (who is

fast asleep in this pix).... No worries!

Wow!  Nine weeks have past quickly !

Very soon, Raglan, Suzi, Merrick and Evra

will be off to their new homes - and I'll

have my OWN page on the New World website...

Please come back to see new pix of me,

and of my brothers and sisters when they

come to visit !

Your humble correspondent, 

Willow (aka New World Wild Age)...

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