Our Danish & German Relatives!

           We're extremely happy to introduce
         Mirrie's "extended family" -- residing in
Denmark & Germany!

This is Mirrie's lovely full-litter sister,
Kibushi Nevertheless - also known as "Tia."
  She lives in Denmark, with her
 owner Lene Rathje Andersen.

This is "Changa" -- the sire of Tia's
 litter of EIGHT pups, whelped in 1998.

Here are two photos Tia & Changa's  son,
"Misiri" -- at home with Lene Rathja Anderson.
I'm keepin' my EYE on this handsome boy!

We're also pleased to present Tia & Changa's
lovely daughter, "Kisalia"  -- or should we say
"Italian Champion Kisalia!"
Kisalia resides in Germany...

Pretty  Kisalia and her  litter of
six  pups, whelped in 2000!

"Tommy" - the 9 yr. old Swiss boy
who sired Kisalia's babies...  For recreation,
Tommy likes to go hiking -- in the ALPS, of course!

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