Your Breeder Has Told You...
But Maybe You Just Don't
Believe It?


        That's  Mirrie -- can you see her white half-collar, paws and tail tip?  She's enjoying some "hang time" -- between the grass -- and the TREES.

         To be more accurate, that's Mirrie LEAPING  my SIX FOOT wooden privacy fence.  The middle cross-board of the fence?  It's three and one-half feet OFF of the ground.  This was a single,  vertical LEAP, folks -- from the ground, straight up (you should see how high she goes when she gets a "running start" -- right up to the top, and over...)!

        Mirrie did not make it out of the yard on this occasion -- and rolled chicken wire has since been installed around the fence perimeter to help prevent escapes.  But please, if you've discounted all you've been told about the amazing athleticism of Basenjis -- and the accommodations that you may have to make to your household in order to  keep your Basenji safe -- just take another look at this photo... 

        NOT all Basenjis climb, leap, dig, etc.  But please, new owners, be watchful.  Do not underestimate what your boy or girl can do!   The fence that is "highly respected" under ordinary circumstances may pose no barrier if a squirrel, rabbit, or beguiling neighborhood "pup in season" is on the other side!

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Karla A. Schreiber