National Specialty 2004

Candid Photos !

Not "just" photos - but a MOVIE !

Follow the link below to view a short movie

of the New World Kidz in action at 

the Specialty:

There's some text, then a "gap" and THEN an

honest to goodness YODEL-FEST !

[photo by Troy Shadbolt]

In early September, 2004, Dulcie (upper left),

Willow (lower left), Kevlar (center) and Mirrie

(right) spent a fun-filled week at the Basenji Club

of America National Specialty in Manitowoc, WI.

In this photo, the sleepy New World crew settles in

for an afternoon nap (Kevlar is obviously enjoying his

status as "harem master" for the week, as well!)...

[Photo by Troy Shadbolt]

Of course, you can't expect a 7 month old

PUPPY to sleep for very long!  Behold one

very wide-awake Willow - ready to play !

Old Grandma Mirrie sure enjoyed struttin' her stuff

in the 9-11 yr. Veteran Bitch Sweepstakes class ! Thanks to Aaron

Thomson, Premier Basenjis, for the great movement photo of

Mirrie (who is shown just two months shy of her 10th birthday)...

Thanks to Troy, James Johannes and Robert Dean for

these great shots of Kevlar participating in the African Exhibition !

I'm very proud of my special brindle boy... I've never

gone to Nationals with a Basenji who was instantly recognized

(and fawned over!) by so many friends and acquaintances

(and some strangers, too)....  Of course, all that lovin'

is right up Kevlar's alley !

(photo by Aaron Thomson, Premier Basenjis)

And last but not least, baby Willow showing 

off in Puppy Sweepstakes, with Mom "at the wheel!"

See You All Next Year In St. Louis !

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