Favorite Snaps!

Updated 11/04/02

       Just to keep me on my toes, every month or two I'll feature one or two "new" photos on this page to keep things interesting!   As always, the goal of MOST of these photos will be to put a smile on your face!

Here's the first of several "Autumn 2002"
play-shots!   Dulcie (right) is really egging
Kevlar (far left) and Ninja (center) on !!
Those boyz will GET you, Dulcie !

Mirrie, at age 8 (well, very close!).
Doesn't she look like a regal matriarch?

So much for being regal!
Mirrie is STALKING her own
children!  There's plenty of
"puppy" left in this ol' girl !

Kevlar, age 10.5 months, waits
to get in on the action!

Kevlar gets his wish! 
Brother Ninja is in hot pursuit,
just outside of camera range...

Here is an interesting shot!  Look closely... 
Are those Basenjis or BIG HORNED 
SHEEP ?  Ninja and Kevlar prepare for
 "mock battle" while Mirrie serves as referee!

Our well-brindled devil-child, Kevlar,
says "Come back and play again sometime !"


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