whelped 01-02-2009

Sire: AKC Ch. AB-Rafiki Cool Under Fire

Dam:  AKC Ch. New World Wild Age


Hi!  I'm Warren - the newest New World Kid! 

THis is my very own page where I can

tell you all about the neat stuff I'm doing!

I'm learning all kinds of new things now that

the weather is nice!

This afternoon, I found a big SNAKE in my

backyard .... Can you see the "snake?"

Whew!  That was a close call!

This is my backyard.  Uncle Kita ALSO tells

me that every year in the Springtime,

the backyard gets green and pretty, and it is

warm enough for us to be outside for hours...

I think he's just teasing me!  All of this

happens EVERY year?

Mama Willow said it was dangerous

to run with scissors... but STICKS are 

not scissors - hehehehe!

Uh-oh!  She was watching...

I am growing up slowly but surely!

This is me at 9 months ...

And this is me just a few weeks earlier -

 winning 4th place in a nice red/white 

6-9 month puppy class at the BCOA National 

Specialty in September 2009.

Thank you to Judge Terri Gavaletz for finding me

amidst all those other handsome young fellows!

(I am only standing still because I'm

watching a bumble bee in those flowers !)

You can see a VIDEO of me at the National

Specialty by clicking here:

I have 3 points toward my AKC

Championship, now!  

Check out some snaps of me going Best of

Breed at the Grayslake, IL show on 

January 30, 2010 !

Here I am, waiting patiently

to go into the ring...

Mom always finds SOMETHING

that needs fixing... Gee!  But 

I am doing MY job -- "Hey, Mr.

Judge - look at ME!!"

Just let me do my thing, Ma!

I know what to do - I'm a big fellow now!

**Thanks to our friends Steve & Rande

Mathers for these candid pix !**

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