Kita x Chili Pups

Age 6 Weeks

whelped 11-22-2008 / photos take 01-04-2009

Avongara Rikita (native Congolese Import) x Sonbar's Indigo Ice

The red boy.... Chili's Magic Eshu of Kita


THE BRINDLE BOY ... Chili's Magic Matata of Kita

The Brindle Girl - Chili's Magic Ivy of Kita

Below are some photos of Matata, Eshu and

sister Ivy at around ages six months and

one year.  We're very pleased with

how they've turned out !

Matata at age six months, in the

show ring for the first time at BCOSW's

July, 2009 specialty show ...

Eshu at six months, also at BCOSW's

July, 2009 specialty ...

Matata and Eshu at one year - with Mama

Chili (Sonbar's Indigo Ice) at far right.

Matata and Eshu are intact, and reside with

Pat Wand in Milwaukee, WI.

We can't leave out sister Ivy !


Ivy at age 5 months ...

Ivy Marula at age one year....

Ivy is spayed and lives with her Shiba Inu "sister"

and the wonderful Bebe Family of Palatine, IL ...

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