Veronica Tudor-Williams' Critique of Fula

"She was the right size for an imported bitch,
being 15 in. high and weighing 16 lbs. ... in her
prime. She had a perfectly shaped head,
with a short, fine muzzle, and very well-set
ears.  Very dark almond eyes... A very fine
skin with fine wrinkle.  A lovely long neck
with excellent shoulders. Very fine boned legs
with small feet and high arched toes.  A fine coat
of the correct orange color.  Nice depth of brisket.
Superb hindquarters with movement to match,
looking like a little Arab horse trotting full out,
with feet not being raised in time-wasting gait,
but with a long swinging stride covering the ground
with a minimum of time and effort.  She had a very
high-set well-placed tail, which could have had
more curl.... She could also, with advantage,
have had an inch out of her back..."

                                                 Veronica Tudor-Williams, 1976, Basenjis

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