Photos of Original
1937 Blean Stock

[From June 1, 1937 AKC Gazette Article by Mrs. Olivia Burn]

Foxie of Blean  with two  littermates.
This group won the "team" competition at Crufts in  1937.
Sire: Bongo of Blean, Dam: Bokoto of Blean

This is a close-up of Foxie of Blean.
I intended to put these up without
commentary -- but isn't this girl

These Blean kidz are unidentified in the article.
However, I believe that the dog on the right is Bongo
and the bitch on the left is Bereke.

Here's  Bongo of Blean - in a pose slightly
different than his more formal "cigar card" portrait.
The text of the article indicates his  foreleg
looks thick because it is broken and in a splint.  Mrs.
Burn also notes that Bongo is "fat from quarantine."

Last but not least, here is the lovely
(and more fancily marked than I'd  realized!)
 Bokoto of Blean. 
Bokoto is the dam of Foxie and the other
two pups shown in the  first photo on this page.
She is also the dam of VTW's  bitch
Kasui of the Congo.


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